How many HR people can relate?

1. What IT guys think about us:

2. When your candidate gets better offer:

3. When client closes position you have been working on for weeks:

4. Sorting CVs after a long vacation:

5. Candidate took our offer:

6. Waiting for feedback from a client:

7. Headhunted candidate cancelled scheduled interview:

8. Some job descriptions:

9. Some days:

10. Some candidates 


12. Finding contact for a candidate:

13. No comment:

14. Client doesn’t like your #1 candidate:

15. After reading some CVs:

16. When the candidate is almost yours and then gets a better offer and stays in previous job:

17. When you meet the perfect candidate:

8. When candidate and client click:

19. But in the end…we love our job so much that…
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